Welcome to my blog! Blending ancient with modern

Some of the nutrition information on my blog flies against conventional “wisdom,” but not against our genes and common sense. Like the other blogs promoting the benefits of various versions of traditional and ancestral diets, I will be exploring the tremendous health advantages of eating and exercising the primal way.

However, in my opinion, the considerable health enhancing effects of cutting-edge nutraceuticals can complement the distinct benefits of traditional and ancestral eating. Since we obviously cannot duplicate the pristine environment of our ancient past, various nutrients and phytochemicals can help us to compensate by assisting detoxification mechanisms while also filling in nutrient gaps. Integrating the right diet, the right type of exercise, and high-quality nutraceuticals creates a powerful synergistic formula to slow aging and help prevent the chronic diseases of our modern lifestyle.

Future posts and articles will feature a variety of hot topics covering diet, exercise and nutritional supplementaion. Just by visiting my blog, you have access to a very generous 25% discount on high quality Life Extension products without membership fees!

In good health,

Bob Iafelice, MS, RD, LD